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simha-rashi simmam simma rasi


Jupiter transits in your 6th house up to November 2021 and you cannot expect favorable effects. Jupiter transits in the 7th house after that. This will bring favorable effects to you. During this year 2020, Saturn transits in your 6th house, which is favorable

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year  by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

In the beginning of this year, you will have a tough time up to November 2021, till Jupiter transits in the 6th house. .  Your mother’s health will be affected. You will meet unwanted expenditure for your vehicles and your cattle. You will have health-problems. Your construction work will be stopped either due to inadequate funds or due to the troubles created by your enemies. Some of you will change your residence and some will sell their own house and shift to the rented house.  You have to undergo a lot of travels for your business, very often. Because of the excessive travels, you will feel sleeplessness and restlessness. Some of you will not get the job in the desired place but you have to make job wise travels.  You cannot fulfill the requirements of your family members and hence there will be quarrels in the family. Poisonous insects will come to your house and will endanger you. So you should protect your house. Students will not have interest in studies. Students will go to other cities for their studies or to other places for jobs. Some of you will spend money for functions and feasts unnecessarily and suffer due to want of money for the utmost necessities. Thereby you will be in trouble for getting loans and a tough situation of inability to repay the loans.  Some of you will lose money in your own business.  The elders in the family will fall sick.  Those who are working in the offices will have overwork and thus they will face a tough time with their higher officers and with their colleagues. They will be fitted to a lower graded job and they will be transferred to far-off off places. Some of you will be able to repay your loans. Your enemies will acquire strength. You will not be in a position to repay the loans. Severe diseases will go but some skin diseases will come.  Your name and fame will be degraded.   And a situation will arise that you cannot keep up your word. Angry words will come out of your mouth.  You will have more expenditure and will not have sufficient income for those expenditures.

Now we will see the prospects of Jupiter which transits in the 7th house after November 2021 you can enjoy many good things in life. You will get Govt. jobs and assistance from the Govt. in the expected manner. Students can get education loans from the Govt. and this is the apt time for students for promoting their education. You may get the help from the people of other religion and other language. Some of you for those who are having strong Dhasa Bukthi will have the chance of getting new properties. They will buy new vehicles, lands and houses. Those who were suffering from court cases will now be relieved of the problems of the court cases. The cases will come to an end and some of you may get success and favorable judgments. You will become active and have happiness in your mind.  You will complete the tasks, planned by you. Your father will improve in his status and you can be benefited by your father and his relatives. You will get new friends and they will come to your rescue. You will get introduced to some popular persons. You will get the support of your higher authorities in the work places. Your business will improve and you will get profits. Relationship between the husband and wife will be cordial. You will also receive some happy news.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

You will get all kinds of prosperity in the transit of Jupiter in your 7th house. The enmity prevailed in the work-place will go away. The enmity with your colleagues also disappears. You will have new customers in your business. You will add one more business with the existing one and earn more income. You will get your due promotions, increase in salary, transfers to the desired place in your official cadre, thereby join with your family members and enjoy. You will also get success in the court cases. You will enlarge your business by increasing the number of employees. If you talk less, you can achieve more. Some of you will buy new house, land and vehicle and develop your standard of living. You can be happy about the education, their job and marriage possibilities.  Some of you will have a chance of going abroad for tours, studies or for job. You will also redeem your long-term loans. Your court cases will come to an end. Your enemies will surrender. The existing problems will go away. Some will have the happiness of conducting marriage, house-warming ceremonies etc. This is the time in which you can get all sorts of fortunes. Those who try for better foreign jobs like doctors, engineers etc. will get the jobs of their desire. Your health problems will go away. Those who were suffering from some chronic diseases like, kidney-disorders, cancer, heart-ailments will get cured of the diseases. Your worries will disappear. Some of you will buy new ornaments for your wife. Misunderstanding with your spouse which was prevailing so far, will slowly go away. Some of you will fix their son’s or daughter’s marriage according to their choice.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

This transit of Jupiter brings all kinds of glories to you. This is a wonderful position. All thoughts in your mind will come into reality. You will have enormous amount of money. Domestic harmony prevails. Your family members will be happy you will buy house, land and new vehicle. You will buy new dresses and ornaments. By keeping up your promises, you will earn a good name in the society. Your relationship with the surroundings will enlarge and you will get yourself introduced to V.I.P.s Marriages will be conducted in the families in a grand manner.  Some of you will be blessed with a child. Setbacks and the oppositions prevailing in the business will disappear. You will get new attractive chance due to your relationship with the foreign circles and get yourself lifted up to an exalted position. Govt servants and others working in private concerns will get promotions, increase in salary and desired transfers.  Relationship between the husband and wife will be cordial.  Your children will shine in their studies and some of them may go abroad for higher studies or for suitable jobs.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

Saturn transits to the 6th house of your Rasi. This is a favorable transit. You can amass wealth. Money will flow into your bank account, in all ways. You can also acquire gold as well as cash. You can also get the help of your family members without any opposition. You can enjoy all comforts of life. Your enemies will be destroyed. You will construct new house. All glories like higher post, dignity and social status, promotion in your job will come to you on their own account, without any sort of effort on your part. You will have delicious dishes instead of ordinary food. This is the luckiest period like ‘Rajayogam’. During this year for a period of  2 ½ years,  you will have the comforts of vehicles and a lot of money. Long –term deceases will be cured. Your stamina and strength will improve.  You will take rich foods for acquiring extra strength and your digestion power also will improve.  You will conquer your enemies. You will have comforts and conveniences in almost all the matters. Some of you will have a child birth. Thus transit of Saturn in the 6th house gives all sorts of comforts and favorable effects in life. Generally, this transit of Saturn in your 6th house will be favorable to women. Some of you will get the ancestral properties and loans given by you to others will come, without any struggle. By the hard work of your husband or any other kith and kin, you may get properties like house, land, and jewelry. You will also buy a vehicle. This will totally be a golden period for you. Students will be rewarded for your hard work. Though you show half interest in your studies, you will get good results doubly, during this transit of Saturn in your sixth house. So far, you might have heard the scolding from your parents and teachers. But now, you will be pleased to hear appreciations from them. You will get tributes and prizes in the studies and in the sports field.  Jupiter’s transit in the second house and Saturn’s transit in the sixth house will take you up to the higher l[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]Vedic Remedies:

Vedic remedies:

The transit of Jupiter is not good in the second half of the New Year. Worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy and offer a garland of Chenna Dal and yellow flowers. The transit of Ragu is not good. Visit the temple of Goddess Durga and donate Black Gram .Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Good wishes for happy New Year!





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