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In the beginning of this year, Jupiter transits to your 4th house up to November 2021 and in the 5th house after that. Saturn transits in your 4th house, which is not favorable.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

This year, Jupiter transits in your 4th house  up to November 2021 . Normally Jupiter’s transit in your 4th house is not considered good. Jupiter aspects your 8th, 10th and your 12th houses. You may manage to get profits in your business. Those who are in search of a job will get better jobs with more salary which will be up to your satisfaction. You will pay extra care in the profession and in the business. The weaker status prevailing in the business will change and there will be normal inflow of money in your business. Saturn aspects Jupiter and hence you will escape from all the problems. You will have speed in all your activities and efforts.  All kinds of prosperities will come to you. Those who are worrying that the present job is not suitable which matches to their higher qualification will get worthy jobs suitable to your studies. Some of you will get foreign jobs, with higher salary. You will repay most of your loans. Problems will come through your children and they will disappear slowly. Now you will get loans easily. You will buy new dresses, and jewels for your family members and buy articles of domestic needs like mixi, grinder and other articles. Court cases will end in your favor. Problems prevailing in your ancestral properties will vanish and you will get your share without any hurdle. Your children will shine in their studies. They will get suitable jobs and some of them will get jobs abroad. They will be helpful to you. You will complete the construction works which were stopped due to want of money. Your health will improve and your stamina and energy level will go up. Diseases will be cured and your medical expenditures will come down.  Health of your mother may come down. You may have to bear the maintenance-expenditures for your vehicle or house.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

Now we will see the effects due to the transit of Jupiter in the 5th place.  This is a lucky transit. You will get all kinds of prosperity. The enmity prevailed in the work-place will go away. The enmity with your colleagues also disappears. You will have new customers in your business. You will add one more business with the existing one and earn more income. You will get your due promotions, increase in salary, transfers to the desired place in your official cadre, thereby join with your family members and enjoy. You will also get success in the court cases. You will enlarge your business by increasing the number of employees. If you talk less, you can achieve more. Some of you will buy new house, land and vehicle and develop your standard of living. You can be happy about the education, their job and marriage possibilities.  Some of you will have a chance of going abroad for tours, studies or for job. You will also redeem your long-term loans. Your court cases will come to an end. Your enemies will surrender. The existing problems will go away. Some will have the happiness of conducting marriage, house-warming ceremonies etc. This is the time in which you can get all sorts of fortunes. Those who try for better foreign jobs like doctors, engineers etc. will get the jobs of their desire. Your health problems will go away. Those who were suffering from some chronic diseases like, kidney-disorders, cancer, heart-ailments will get cured of the diseases. Your worries will disappear. Some of you will buy new ornaments for your wife. Misunderstanding with your spouse which was prevailing so far, will slowly go away. Some of you will fix their son’s or daughter’s marriage according to their desired choice.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year  by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

Some of you will meet religious heads and spiritual persons. You can enjoy many good things in life as narrated above. You will get Govt. jobs and assistance from the Govt. in the expected manner. Students can get education loans from the Govt. and this is the apt time for students for promoting their education. You may get the help from the people of other religion and other language. Some of you for those who are having strong Dhasa Bukthi will have the chance of getting new properties. They will buy new vehicles, lands and houses. Those who were suffering from court cases will now be relieved of the problems of the court cases. The cases will come to an end and some of you may get success and favorable judgments. You will become active and have happiness in your mind.  You will complete the tasks, planned by you. Your father will improve in his status and you can be benefited by your father and his relatives. You will get new friends and they will come to your rescue. You will get introduced to some popular persons. You will get the support of your higher authorities in the work places. Your business will improve and you will get profits. Relationship between the husband and wife will be cordial. You will also receive some happy news.

[These predictions are given to you for the New by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

This transit of Jupiter brings all kinds of glories to you. This is a wonderful position. All thoughts in your mind will come into reality. You will have enormous amount of money. Domestic harmony prevails. Your family members will be happy you will buy house, land and new vehicle. You will buy new dresses and ornaments. By keeping up your promises, you will earn a good name in the society. Your relationship with the surroundings will enlarge and you will get yourself introduced to V.I.P.s Marriages will be conducted in the families in a grand manner.  Some of you will be blessed with a child. Setbacks and the oppositions prevailing in the business will disappear. You will get new attractive chance due to your relationship with the foreign circles and get yourself lifted up to an exalted position. Govt servants and others working in private concerns will get promotions, increase in salary and desired transfers.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

This year,   Saturn transits in the 4th house of your Rasi. This transit is otherwise called as ‘Arthashtama Shani’. This gives unfavorable effects. This is also called ‘Arththashtama Sani’. During this transit, you will have troubles and pressures from the Govt. your cattle will be destroyed. All your savings will be washed out. Some of you may have to desert your house and t leave your native town. Losing everything, you may go out of station.   If you have ‘Maraga Dhasa’ in your horoscope, you may have life-threat also. Your immovable properties will go away from you. You may have enmity and separation from your wife. You may also have enmity with relatives. You will always be worrying by one or other reason. You may have deceases like, knee pain, joint pains and paralysis. Some of you may become lame by one leg. Some of you may have the troubles of dog-bites and bullock-hitting.  Your wife and related women will fall in sickness.  You may suffer life -threats and poverty. All kinds of your comforts and your sleep wil go away. Your mind will always be thinking about evil things. Your respect in the society, dignity and social status will go. Some of you may wander without any house to dwell and without any food to eat. You may have troubles from your enemies and unwanted people. Your mind will always be troubling you for some reason or other. Your mind will always be afraid that you may get some bad things. Your mind will always be having crooked thoughts and evil desires.  Thus Saturn gives all sorts of unfavorable effects during this transit. Third person’s interference between husband and wife and their instigation will cause misunderstandings. This may even create separation from your spouse. So, avoid moving with new persons very closely and also avoid discussing your family matters with them. Otherwise, you may meet serious problems by them. Thus, this transit of Saturn in your 4th house will give you troubles more than 50% in your life. Students have to face, confused state, and some unsatisfactory situations.

You will be affected by loss of memory and loss of interest in your studies. Further your parents will be worried about you. Some unsatisfactory conditions will prevail between you and to your teachers. Your efforts and your hard work will be ridiculed by some people. Thus you may feel disheartened and your name will be tarnished. So, you should develop faith on God and take efforts for anything continuously with self-confidence. Then only you can achieve your target.  For

     Remedial Measures:

Perform Mrithyanya Homa/ Ayushya Homa preferably on the day of your birth star. Recite Adithya Hiruthyam daily. Donate wheat.  Worship Lord Saneeswaran on Saturdays and light Til-Oil lamps. Visit the temple of Lord Karthikaeya on Tuesdays and offer the deity a garland of red roses. Jupiter’s transit is not good. Worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays and offer garlands of Chenna Dal and Yellow flowers. Perform the rituals meant for your forefathers regularly. God bless you! May this New Year be a prosperous new year for you!


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