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In this New Year, Saturn transits in your 3rd house.  Jupiter transits in the 3rd house up to November 2021   and in the 4th house after that. Now we will see the predictions.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by the website ‘moonramkonam.com’.

Transit Jupiter in your 3rd house  up to November 2021 and this will not be favorable. Your mental courage and boldness will reduce. You will be afraid of taking risks for coming forward. Your own brothers and sisters will oppose you and will take a stand of claiming for the ancestral properties which will go against your interest. You will always receive some sorrowful news and your mind will always be full of worries. You will undergo loss of things, and money, enmity and sad incidents, because of your relatives. Unexpected unhappy incidents and sorrow happenings will come suddenly. Some of you will have life-threats. You will be in trouble if you chose to get bribe in your workplace and lose your respect in the society. You should have a concern over your mother’s health. You will meet problems by the relatives of your mother. There is also a chance for your father’s health getting affected. You will also face problems from the Govt. and the higher officers of Govt. You will also face problems from your higher officers. You will have to meet court cases and have to wander from pillar to post for the court cases. The judgments received will be against your interest. As Jupiter transits favorably, you may go for appeal challenging the unfavorable judgments. Due to the transit of Ragu, you will get troubles from women .Sorrows, loss of money and earning a bad name in the society will be common factors. You will enter into quarrels with your spouse and his/her relatives. You will lose peace of mind in your job or business. You cannot get expected profit. You will be troubled by the diseases like boils, burns and some other skin deceases due to the excessive heat. You may be bitten by the poisonous insects.

[These predictions for the New Year are given to you by ‘moonramkonam.com]

Your domestic responsibilities will increase. Conducting of family will become a burden to you. During this time you should talk very carefully to others. Out of your tension, you may use hard words to your family members. Because of this, you may have misunderstandings with your spouse. You should hence, be careful in your talk with others. Your income level will go down. So, you may hesitate to undertake any expenditure. There may be delay in getting the expected money from any source. Due to shortage of finance, you may not be able to fulfill even the essential requirements of your family members. Thus you will be at the receiving end for the anger and hatred of your family members. Though you may get sudden unexpected income, expenditures will be waiting to swallow them and you cannot save money .During this time, you cannot conduct your life in the path of honesty and you may have to lead a false life, telling lies. You will always be in the search of money.  As you may not get the financial support, some will attempt to earn money by adopting short-cut methods. Due to this, your dignity, social status and your popularity will get damaged. You cannot maintain honesty in your dealings. You may have to face setbacks in all the financial matters. You have to take care of your health, especially your eyes. Your children may suffer and they have to struggle a lot, for safeguarding their education and job opportunities. After strenuous efforts, they can shine in their studies and get suitable jobs. Some will have to undergo travels very often. You may not get the expected monetary benefits by all the travels .Unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts with your spouse cannot be avoided.  So, you should always handle matters in a defensive way of avoiding the difference of opinions by extending a patient hearing to your spouse and adopting a give-and –take policy. If you fail to follow these measures, problems may aggravate and you may have to be away from your family temporarily. Those who are in Govt. job or working as an administrative officer should be careful now. Some may have the chances to be punished for getting bribe and even to be arrested. Marriage proposals may meet setback. You may not succeed in all your efforts and get tension out of these failures. Don’t give promises to anybody, because you cannot fulfill them. Don’t stand surety for anybody. Chances are there for unnecessary problems will trouble you.

This year, Jupiter transits in your 4th house  after November 2021. Normally transit in your 4th house is not considered good. Jupiter aspects your 8th, 10th and your 12th houses. You may manage to get profits in your business. Those who are in search of a job will get better jobs with more salary which will be up to your satisfaction. You will pay extra care in the profession and in the business. The weaker status prevailing in the business will change and there will be normal inflow of money in your business. Saturn aspects Jupiter and hence you will escape from all the problems. You will have speed in all your activities and efforts.  All kinds of prosperity will come to you. Those who are worrying that the present job is not suitable which matches to their higher qualification will get worthy jobs suitable to your studies. Some of you will get foreign jobs, with higher salary. You will repay most of your loans. Problems will come through your children and they will disappear slowly. Now you will get loans easily. You will buy new dresses, and jewels for your family members and buy articles of domestic needs like mixi, grinder and other articles. Court cases will end in your favor. Problems prevailing in your ancestral properties will vanish and you will get your share without any hurdle. Your children will shine in their studies. They will get suitable jobs and some of them will get jobs abroad. They will be helpful to you. You will complete the construction works which were stopped due to want of money. Your health will improve and your stamina and energy level will go up. Diseases will be cured and your medical expenditures will come down.  Health of your mother’s health  may come down. You may have to bear the maintenance-expenditures for your vehicle or house.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

Saturn transits in your third house. This is a favorable transit for you.   You can have favorable effects.

All the sufferings undergone by you so far will run away from you. All your deceases will be cured and your health will improve. Your efforts will be materialized. Jobless people will get jobs and those who are in job will get promotions. You will get leadership positions in your town. You will get delicious foods and timely food.  Goddess of Money will smile at you. You will get ‘Rajayogam’ and success in all the matters handled by you. You will enjoy vehicle conveniences. Your brothers and sisters will be benefitted. You will get the help of your friends. You will have good servants and they will be faithful to you in all matters. Even if you are a coward, you will become brave and have the strength and valor of conquering your enemies. You will have the blessings to have a child-birth and your children will get all favorable benefits. You will enjoy family life. Your cattle stock will improve. Transit of Saturn in the 3rd house will give all kinds favorable benefits. For women, this transit of Saturn in your third house will give you relief from all the troubles you have undergone so far. This transit will give you many favorable effects. Troubles came from your husband and his family members will go away and a cordial relationship will arise with your spouse. Your children will obey your words and will bring good name for you. Domestic integrity will flourish. Totally, your house will become a calm and happy place. Some of you will earn good name and get appreciations in the office. You will get salary-hike and you will get a chance to work in a new office. Some of you will get the gift of child-birth. Saturn is the Lord of your ‘child house’ i.e. the 5th house. So, childless persons may get a ‘child’, now.

This is a favorable period for students and they will cross over the troublesome period. You will get good marks and get the desirable choice of studies. On seeing your talent, your parents and teachers will appreciate you.  You can achieve your goals and reach whatever heights you want. You will retain an ideal place in your study-career.

For politicians this transit of Saturn to your 3rd house will make you to achieve tremendous success in your political career. Hindrances prevailing in your career so far will disappear. Those who opposed you and those who criticized you will come and kneel down before you. Or, they will shed down their rival feelings and join with you and fight for your success and progress. Saturn will favor you to catch an ideal place in your political career. You will get money, fame, dignity and honors during this transit. You will do whatever you want to do in your political career.  Your businesses will improve. Medical expenditures will come down. Your dreams will come true. You can get the support and love your higher authorities and your elders. You will get the Govt-help. A child-birth will take place in your house. Travels will increase and they will be beneficial. You will buy properties, jewels and new dresses. Relationship between the husband and wife will be a happy one. Your relatives and friends will be helpful. Some will develop interest in politics. If you avoid hasty action, you can succeed in your efforts. Some may go on foreign tours. You may also get income from foreign trade. Others will come to know about your talent and capacity, which was hidden so far. You can get the help of your father’s relatives.

Remedial Measures:

Perform Mrithyanya Homa/ Ayushya Homa preferably on the day of your birth star. Recite Adithya Hiruthyam daily. Donate wheat.  Jupiter’s transit in the first half of this year is not good. Worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays and offer garlands of Chenna Dal and Yellow flowers. Perform the rituals meant for your forefathers regularly. God bless you! May this New Year be a prosperous new year for you!


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