Adulteration in the food products is being done for a long time.  Buying the adulterer products is a waste of money and consuming those products is injurious to health.

To find out the adulterer products, experts in the food industry and experts in the chemical field are not necessary. We can ourselves examine the daily used products and find out the adulteration.


Milk is one of the product in which adulteration is done.  We would have heard about mixing of water in the milk. But in today’s world, soap- powder is mixed in the milk and sold widely.

If you put milk and the same quantity of water in a tumbler and rinse, it will contain foam in the upper portion, in a little quantity, if the soap powder is not mixed.  If soap powder is mixed, more foam will be found in the upper portion of the milk.

By this we can find out adulteration in the milk.


There is landslide sale of Lime powder-mixed sugar is prevailing in the market.  To find out this, you should put a spoon of sugar in a tumbler of water. If the sugar is an adulterer one the lime powder will rest in the bottom.  If it is a good sugar, the entire sugar would dissolve in the water.


Other kinds of oil are mixed with the coconut oil.  To find it out, you should put the coconut oil in the fridge for 1 hour. If its purified coconut oil, it would freeze.  But if it remain as it is, without freezing, it is adulterer oil.


Papaya seeds are mixed with pepper. If  we thrash it, in the winnowing fan , papaya seeds will fall down and the pepper will remain.

Like this, asafetida powder, chili powder and the coriander powder are also subject to adulteration. So, it is not adviceable to buy them as powders.

They should be bought and dry up in the hot sun and grind them

All products should be bought, by thinking twice carefully, so that money and health will not be spoiled.


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