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There are various kinds of vehicles for the use of the people.  Like their uses, there are equal quanta of complications in the spinal column of our body. There are vibrations, when the vehicles are put into uses, irrespective of the fact, whether they are two wheelers, four wheelers or heavy vehicles.  When the vehicles are put into action, ‘shock absorber’ is fixed in the vehicles, for withstanding the vibrations to the body.  But its life time is short.

But there is a natural weapon in the body, known as ‘spinal cord’ which has been   given by God   for protecting the human body for guarding against the vibrations.  This is known as ‘Super shock observer’.

The Asana which protects the spinal cord and the other organs connected with it is ‘Padhahasthaasanam’. Early in the morning, in the place, where there is full ventilation, stand straight, facing towards eastern side, having the legs tight and   extend your hands opposite to your chest.

Raise your hands over your head, inhale your breathe and, go back to the bending position towards your back. Continue this position for a few seconds, expulse your breath and bow, loosen your body and put your hands, on your foot or on the floor near your feet. Try to bow and put your head touching your knees.  Remain in this stage for a few seconds and stand straight inhaling your breathe and come to your normal position. Let your breath be normal.  This asana can be done twice, with gap.

Benefits of this asana:

  • Your spinal cord is strengthened.
  •  The nerves linked to the spinal cord will be induced and flexibility will be there.
  •  Blood circulation will be increased in the brain.
  •  The belly, which spoils your health, will be reduced. Unnecessary fat will be reduced.
  •  One side head ache will be cured.
  •  Stomach problems will go away and organs of the intestine will be strengthened
  •  Gas will be removed.
  • No problem will come to the spinal cord.

Those who suffer from neck pain, back pain, waist pain and those who suffer from high blood pressure, kidney swelling and those who underwent operation in the stomach and those   who are heart patients should not do this asana.


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