umpolished rice

  • Rice in which the husky is removed but remains unpolished is good for health.It contains protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and starchy.
  • It protects us preventing diseases.
  • As it contains fiber, it avoids heart diseases; avoids constipation. It prevents formation of gall- bladder stones. It keeps the sugar level under control.
  •  The ‘manganese’ in it adds immunity.
  •  It prevents cancer in the intestine.
  •  It induces the activities of thyroid.
  • It reduces bad cholesterol.
  • This unpolished rice is good for the women who are in the menopause. It prevents chest cancer.
  • It is against health, as you remove all the energetic parts and eat only the starchy. Though you get energy, this is the reason for the increase of ‘calorie’ and blood sugar.
  •  Basmati rice is rich in fiber. It possesses a distinct smell taste and things which are good for health.
  •  There is fat in the raw rice. Lean people can eat this. Those who have digestion problem should avoid raw rice.
  • Bamboo rice gives energy. It is rich in protein, fiber and vitamin-D.  It has more immunity power. It keeps sugar-level under control.  Body-weight will not increase.
  • Hand-pounding boiled rice is too good.  The porridge in it is filtered. Eating it in the next day morning after pouring water in it with green chilies in the villages. Those who work in the fields eat this for cooling up their body. This is also called as ‘Morning Nectar’. And it contains a lot of energetic products. The water soaked with the rice for the whole night is good for health.
  •  The natural products in the onion protect us. It avoids cancer. Onion dilutes fat and protects our body. Particularly when the small onions are eaten in the raw form, you can get total medicinal qualities. When cooked the medical qualities will reduce.
  • Raw onion increases the immunity and reducer hypertension.  It controls the blood sugar.  Cynus trouble and Asthma will be reduced. Infectious germs in the mouth will be destroyed.  Intestine problems will go away.
  •  Green chili increases the digestion power.  It removes the toxics in the intestine. It prevents cancer.
  • The rice which is harvested in the natural way is good. It is tasty. But it takes more time to cook. The benefits in the small rice are less.































































































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