• Though there are 9 varieties, its common name is ‘Beetroot’ only..
  •  This protects the   environment. It functions as a food for all living beings.
  • It is cultivated in natural as well as in the artificial and is in the use.
  •  Its color and the taste are liked by all.
  •  Take the juice of beetroot, mix with honey and drink for 10 days. Ulcer is cured.
  •  If the juice is mixed with cucumber juice and drink, it cures, kidney stones are cured and the gall bladder is cleaned.
  •  If the beetroot is cut in the round shape and eaten duly dipped in the lemon juice, the number of red blood corpuscles increase.
  •  Beetroot functions as a good tonic for the liver disorders.
  •  Beetroot juice removes indigestion and induces digestive activities.
  • Beetroot juice prevents anemia and develops immunity power. It induces the body growth.
  •  Beetroot juice maintains the youth and briskness and the aging can be postponed. It cures the deficiency of memory power.
  •  It suits to people of all ages, because it is an antioxidant and it contains iodine. It aso contains Vitamins B1 B2 B12 which dissolve in water.
  •  Beetroot has Nitrogen and hence it reduces blood pressure and reduces the bad cloistral (Ld and vid) and increases the good cloistral (HDL). By this, the metabolism in the body goes on well and it helps the body functioning normally.
  •  Beetroot kills the cancer cells and     new good cells grow. Red blood corpuscles and the immunity power increases.
  •  Beetroot helps the skin glowing. It helps the  skin look young.  Add the cooked beetroot with vinegar and apply the mixture on the hair and wash the hair. Hair loss can be avoided.
  • Beetroot gives relief for dandruff. The juice also cures the piles complaint.


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