Activities related to skills like Continuing contacts with others, information exchange, organizing and contemplation give a lot of benefits to our mental health. Some activities are given below:

Learning something new:

Learning a new language, reading a new book, trying for a new hobby or trying to learn a musical instrument is the exercises. The aim is to take up the activities of the brain towards any new thing.

Learning ‘memorization’:

Firstly, you should try to keep in memory of small matters. For example; you should try to keep in memory of the list of things to be purchased from the shop. Then, you should progress slowly and keep in memory of more difficult things like the names of states of the country, the languages spoken there and their capitals. Write rhymes or play memory games with the children.

Solve puzzles or play board games:

Puzzles and the tricky games give good exercises to the mind and help to improve the activities related to learning capacity in a better way.  You can try to solve the Crossword puzzle. You can play chess. These plays make you to think and to pay good attention. You can also play memory games in the mobile phones and in the laptop.

Practice for 5 W’s:

Practice any new experience of answering questions like,’ who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘why’. This will increase your listening capacity and memory power.

Vary your habits:

Bring new changes, then and there in your habits. For example, while going to office, go in a new path in which you did not go henceforth, avoiding the routine route. If you are a right handed person, try to use your left hand for typing work, drawing or eating.

There is no way to cure the disease of loss of memory coming in the old age. But,  if you practice trying for learning a new thing and also if you give  challenging works to the brain always, there are chances for avoiding or postponing the disease of loss of memory coming in the old age.






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