Required ingredients:

Raw rice and boiled rice -each 1 tumblar; urid adl- ¼ tumbler; jiggery chocolate syrup- each ¼ tumbler; cardamom powder- a little; fenugreek- a little; Chaco chips, ghee, powdered sugar  and salt as required.


Soak raw rice, boiled rice urid dal and fenugreek for 4 hours.  Clean them and grind adding required quantity of water. Add salt and mix and keep it till the dough is fermented. Put jiggery powder in a vessel and pour water in it till it is plunged.  Boil it and filter it.  Add cardamom powder, jiggery syrup and chocolate syrup and mix.

Keep paniyaram tawa on the stove and heat.  Put the dough in the pits of the paniyaram tawa  in  half of the portion of the tawa and spread   the chaco  chips a little, and pour the panayaram  dough on it  and take out after being  cooked . serve after spreading sugar over it.

Children will like very much to eat.




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