Generally, environment, food habits and the intake of food taken pave way to constipation.

  • If you have constipation, you should sit patiently in the toilet, without any hurry and try to defecate.
  •  You should take plenty of water, fruit juices, fiber foods raw vegetables, green varieties.
  • Non –vegetarians should take vegetables along with the non vegetarian food. So, the body cannot get fiber as well as fat and proteins. As body cannot get fibers, the feces released also decreases. By this, the movement of the stomach- muscles also decreases.  Further, the movement of the colon is very slow and the gastro colic loses its reflex and causes constipation.
  •  Due to aging, the muscles of the walls of the colon get weakened. The veins connected with those muscles get loosened. Thus the working speed of the walls by the side of the muscles of the colon will decrease normally.   This sort of constipation due to aging is known as ‘synile constipation’.
  •  Young people also suffer out of constipation. Like this, colon-cancer comes; the muscles will be shrieked and tightened.    At that time also, constipation comes.
  • It is wise to make it as a habit to eat vegetables, greens and fruits containing fiber. Those who are not able to take these types of foods can take the fiber in the shape of powder on the advice of the doctors. These are in the shape of cakes which are available in the boxes.
  • When you eat this, the walls of colon cannot absorb this. So, water can be absorbed well by this husk.  Thus, it can clear out even the solid ossified stools it sends out sugar also. So, the sugar level will come down for the diabetic patients. Even after you stop eating the husk, stools will go out easily and there will not be any difficulty.
  •  Another reason for constipation is ulcer in the colon. The muscles will be tightened, because of this ulcer. So, the feces are ossified and there will be difficulty in sending it out. There will also be bleeding. If the reason for constipation is found out, the problem can be solved.
  •  Soon after taking the food,, you will feel like going out to toilet. If you go, no feces will come out.  You will feel swollen belly.
  • In the small intestine, the measure of muscles in the colon or absences of movement are the two reasons for constipation.   Symptoms like swelling of the stomach, release of air, constipation or dysentery are experienced. Feeling like going to defecate after each time of taking food, will arise. The stomach will be   curled and drawn tightly.
  •  You cannot stop these problems immediately. You should examine well and take medicines. This is not a matter of endangering life. It is good to avoid foods harming to the stomach.
  • Those who have stomach problem, whether it is constipation or dysentery, will feel struggle and stomach pain as long as there is feces in the stomach. If it goes out, you can be freed from the pain and have a sigh of relief. This is the symptom of this disease. For those who have constipation, the feces will be ossified and goes out as scybalous and there will not be bleeding.
  • Those who have this sort of problem should take, powder containing fiber and syrup continuously for years together.


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