Diabetic disease should be kept under control by exercises and food control.  It is good for the diabetic people to take vegetables containing fibers.

1. Vegetables to be taken more in the food:

Ash guard, cowpeas, brinjal, ridge gourd, bitter gourd, village beans, beans, cucumber, cabbage, cluster beans, nool coal, gherkins, zucchini, bottle gourd, little gourd, cauli flower, ladies finger, raddish, tomato, chayote, turkey berry and  snake gourd.

2. You should avoid the following in your food:

Honey, glucose, jiggery, sweets, biscuits cool drinks, horlics, boost, bourvitta and complain.

3. You can eat the under mentioned in limited quantity.

Rice food, oats, flakes, corn, ragi, wheat, barley rice, ground nuts, cashew nuts, almonds and maize corn.

4. You should not eat the under mentioned fruits:

Mango, jack fruit, sappotta, annona, banana, chikku,  chocolate, sugarcane juice,  sugar, pannier, jelly, varieties of tuber , maidha flour, corn flour, vermicelli and sago.

You should also avoid instant foods like noodles, macaroni, and pasha.alo avoid pickles, currants, and puppads .

5. You should also avoid ghee, dalda, coconut oil and  pamaoil . You should also be very careful in reducing the quantity of salt in your food. You need not observe fasting and should not participate in the feasts.  Maintain healthy body- weight by exercises and food control.

6 you can have your food schedule for four times a day, instead of thrice so that the quantity of intake will come down. Blood sugar level will not rise.  Stress will be reduced if you practice body exercises.   Memory power will increase.  Sugar level will come down and the need of tablets may not be there.  Blood circulation will be normal.

The power of heart will increase.  Blood pressure will come down.   Good cholesterol (HDL) will increase.  Bad cholesterol (LDL) will decrease. Body weight will not increase.

Diabetic disease cannot be cured once for all. But you can keep it under control.

If you follow all the above- mentioned instructions, diabetic disease will not attack. You can lead a normal life like an average person.



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