There are varieties of uses that  can derived  from the ‘cucumber’.

There are many kinds of Vitamins giving stamina to the human body.


Before going outside, rub a piece of cucumber on your f ace and hands. The wrinkles will go away.


If you have headache, consume cucumber, before going to bed. The effects of liquor also will go away. When you are not able to take food, you can eat cucumber. The hunger can be managed.


If you are under depression, put the pieces of cucumber in the boiled water. The smell coming out of it will give a solace to the mind.


After taking food, the bad smell coming out of the mouth will go away, if you put a piece of cucumber in the mouth and press it on the upper portion of the mouth. The bad smell will go.


The screaming sound coming from the doors will go, if you rub the doors with the skin of cucumber. The doors can be opened without sound.


If you have no time to polish the shoes, you can rub the shoes with the piece

of cucumber. You can get shining and it will not be affected, even by water.


Toilet-sinks and the commodes will shine with the pieces of cucumbers. Even the days-long stains will go. It will also rub the lines drawn by the children on the walls.


If there are troubles from insects for the plants, put the pieces of cucumber in an Aluminium box near the plants. The chemicals in the cucumber will react with the Aluminium and release one kind of smell. We cannot see this, but it will drive away the insects and save the plants.



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