• Curry leaves contain 63% water, 6.1% protein, 1% fat 4% minerals, 6.4% fiber and 18.7% carbohydrate. It also contains calcium, magnesium, iron copper, sulphur, chlorine and oxalic acid.
  • This can be consumed as juice or in the raw form.
  •  Curry leaves solves the problems of digestion. If a little curry leaves are taken in the morning, it dissolves fat.
  • Curry leaves increases the metabolism of the body.
  •  Besides, curry leaves releases the toxins of the body. Thus it prevents excessive body-weight.
  •  Curry leaves capable of burning the bad cholesterol.
  •  Curry leaves contain iron and folic acid and gives oxygen to all parts of the body. By this, it safeguards the body against the decrease of the blood cells.
  •  As curry leaves contains anti-bacteria and anti-oxidants, it gives shining to the body.
  •  If the paste of curry leaves mixed with turmeric and applied on the pimples on the face, the pimples will disappear.
  •  Curry leaves reduces the sugar level in the blood and therefore diabetics can take this regularly.


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