Passing urine very often, feeling hungry always, drinking water excessively are the symptoms. You will feel tired always. Wounds remaining uncured, infection in the genital organ loss of interest in the intercourse, loss of body weight without any reason, diabetic for anybody having blood relation, excess body weight , numbing of hand and leg and diminishing eye sight are also the symptoms.

Results of diabetic:

  • You may have to lose eye sight or eye sight may diminish.
  • Kidneys may be affected. Infection may affect often.
  • Wound which is called ‘Gangrene’ and problems in the feet may affect.
  • Inability in the intercourse
  •  Chances causing brain damage and heart attack may come.

If you control diabetic in the beginning itself, you can prevent many problems and you can lead a normal life.

How to manage diabetic disease?

You can take the treatment for diabetic, by food system, exercise, watching the disease continuously and taking medicines and insulin. If you undergo these treatments with the advice of a doctor, you can control diabetic. But you cannot cure diabetic. Therefore, you should be careful to escape from those who cheat for curing diabetic totally.

Food system:

  •  You can eat chapatti, wheat rotti rice and ragi which are enriched in carbohydrates. Stop once for all the habit of eating sweets, even if you are hungry.
  • Eat in small quantities and in the right times. In between two foods, you can eat some particular nutrcious fruits or vegetables.
  •  Fat- removed milk and vegetable oils can be used.
  • Change the cooking method and eat boiled foods, foods grilled on fire and foods cooked in the steam.
  • Avoid eating fatty foods excessively.
  •  Avoid fatty items like poori, samosa fried in ghee, butter. Avoid meat and fried items which are enriched in fat.
  •  Avoid foods prepared in jagary , honey  jams ad cakes.
  •  Eat less fish, chicken cheese and foods enriched with starch.
  • Get a list of food from your dietician. It will not make you to get bored.

Alternative foods:

Instead of one type of food, you can eat the under mentioned foods.


  • Vegetables, carbohydrates fruits, meat, fish, dals , milk and milk products, grains, oil fat and nuts may be taken.


  •   Exercise helps you to keep the sugar lever in the blood under control. It helps to maintain balancing body weight. It makes us feel healthy. It helps to makes body suitable to insulin level.
  •  Consult the doctor to know about the exercise suitable to your body.
  • Start slowly but continue without any break.
  • Involve in solid type of games like average running exercise and swimming.
  •  Do not exercise when you are in empty stomach.
  • Do not exercise immediately after getting insulin.
  • Do not exercise, when the sugar level is excess in the blood. Also do not exercise when the diabetic is not under control.


You can take tablets when it is required for controlling the sugar level. The tablets induce the pancreas for increasing the insulin level. Some tablets helps for the insulin to enter into the cells and act. Some other tablets help to reduce mixing of the glucose in the blood from the intestine.


If the diabetic level exceeds the limit, insulin becomes unavoidable.

For managing ‘Hypoglycemia’, keep Glucose sugar with you. Always take care of your hands, feet eyes, teeth and your skin. Your balanced diet, continuous exercise and medicines and confidence of coming to normal level, you can reach your target, even though you are having diabetic.



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