* If you prepare rasam out of the petiole after removing the drumstick leaves and eat with rice, it will cure the tiredness in the hands and legs.

  • Grind the drumstick leaves with the cucumber seeds and apply the paste on the stomach, it breaks the edema and increase the urine.
  • Cook the drumstick leaves with food without more boiling and eat and it will cure the neck-pain step by step.
  • Take one handful of drumstick flowers, clean and boilwith 250 ml cow-milk, and add candys and drink for 48 days. Masculinity will increase and neurasthenia will be cured.
  • Cook drumstick flowers with equal quantity of toor dal, and eat with rice, eye- irritation and mouth- bitterness will be cured.
  •  If you cook and add drumstick lowers in the food, it cures, cold.
  •  It further reduces leg-pain, neck-pain.
  • If you grind the drumstick flowers and mix in the milk boil and add palm candy and drink it in the morning and evening, your memory power will increase.
  • Drumstick flowers have the power of strengthening the veins.  If you take the drumstick continuously, neurasthenia will be cured totally.
  •  Drumstick flowers cure body-heat. If you drink drumstick as syrup, body heat will be reduced.
  •  Bleeding will be arrested for women.
  •  Drumstick flowers are a good remedy for reducing the body heat and thereby cure eye-irritation and water discharge from the eyes.


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