காதுக் கட்டிகள்

Ear tumors can come in the outer ears, ear canal middle ear or in the inner ear. Tumors can be seen in various parts of the ears in different kinds. Therefore, the tumors can be treated according to the quality of the tumors and treatments.

There are many kinds of ear tumors:

  •  Hematoma  and Peripheral testicular cancers
  •  Tumors arising at the ear canal are harmless.
  •  In the outer ear canal, vigorous tumors are very serious.
  •  Biopsy should be done immediately for any doubtful decay in the outer ear canal.
The outer ear canal starts @ the ear cup shaped area. Further the The ceviche membrane spreads downwards.

Middle ear tumors:

  • Ear tumors may be harmless. They may come in the outer ear or ear canal, middle ear or inner ear.
  •  For advanced coral buds and middle ear-swelling, operation in the middle ear may be necessary.

Fat granulomas

 Fat granulomas are not exactly tumors.  In turn, the middle ear due to the hemorrhage contains  a smoother thing  filling up the middle ear.

C.T.Scan and MRI:

*   Necessary operation is compulsory. If proper treatment is not given, it will affect the middle ear. ‘Squamous cell carcinoma’ is a dangerous disease. Though tumors drill deeply, operation and radiation treatment may be possible in the beginning.  So, it should be examined as early as possible.







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