The elephant apple contains many medicinal benefits. Its tree and leaves have many medicinal benefits.
• If this fruit is given to the children, their memory power increases. As this fruit contains Vitamin B2 and calcium , it strengthens teeth and bones .
• If the barks of elephant-apple tree is powdered, boiled, filtered and taken, dry cough and mouth-bitterness will be healed.
• Take the flesh- part of the elephant apple and dry it. Along with it, take equal quantity of musk-turmeric, parli , white turmeric and rose buds , grind them and use this mixture as a powder while taking bath . By this, skin becomes soft. And the block dots will disappear.
• This fruit should be mixed with jiggery and taken for curing nerve disease.
• If the unripe fruit of elephant apple is made as a salad with curd, apthous ulcer and seaanemoneulcer.
• If you take elephant apple one for each day, bile problems will be cured. Further new blood will be produced.
• Take 5 leaves of the tree of elephant apple, 5 hibiscus leaves, 4 seeds removed-bunchi nuts and grind them with water, soak for some time and apply the paste on the hairs. Hairs will grow.

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