• Till all the nutrients in the human body is elapsed, new cells are created in the route of the hair and the hair is used to grow. Due to this reason, hair grows for some days, even after death.
• The nails of hands grow faster than the nails of the legs. The reason is that finger-nails are nearer to the heart, so that they get blood circulation and oxygen consistently.
• Though it is named as’ Lakshadweep Island’ which means as ‘one lakh islands’, there are only 36 islands only. People are living in 10 islands only.
• Currency notes came in circulation in China only in the 7 th century there were copper coins only.
• Bharath Ratna award has been awarded to Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose in 1992. It was got back in 1997, as there were some rumors about his death.
• Rats, when they are happy, bite their teeth and make sounds like ’kreech kreech’ , when they play.
• Snow bears make caves in the snow and stay there so that they can deliver their cubs. When the cubs are born, they are only ½ kilo.
• In 1493, when Columbus reach Kareebian Islands saw the black people there and mention that place as ‘India’. But it was named as ‘West Indies.
• Our nose has millions of cells capable of knowing the smell. Those cells are helping to know the smell of various objects.
• When we cut the onions a gas which is called as ‘Syn propanethiols oxide’ is re;leased. That gas spreads in the air and attacks the ‘Lekrimal Glands’ at the edges of the eyes, tears come out.

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