•  A Tamil- scholar was going in a street. One man, who came in a bicycle on the way, dashed on the scholar, by mistake and asked apology. But the Tamil scholar corrected him that ‘apology’ is a Urdu word and that the correct word is ‘tolerate’. Who is that Tamil scholar? DEVANEYAP PAAVAANAR.
  • He has given lectures about the Tamil –Epic ‘Silappathikaaram’. He has also ranked the position as Member and the Chairman in the Upper House in the Assembly.  His real name is ‘Gnanap prakaasam’ . He is also known by the nick name as ‘Silampu Selvar’.  Who is that man? MAA.POSIVAGNANAM.
  • “When I was studying, I wrote an essay. My teacher, who read it appreciated as it was substance- concentration and has textures. He also asked at wherefrom was it taken. I replied by touching the heart that it was taken from here. Teacher happily embraced me” – who told these words? ARIGNAR ANNAA.
  • “Tamil is a good language. It is the mother tongue of all the South Indian languages. Tamil literatures are created purposely for discipline and morality. ‘Thirukkural’ is an example for that.” Who said these words? G.U.POPE.
  • He translated ‘Bagavat Geeta’in Tamil. He wrote some of the Hymns and the poems of Nammaazvaar and Aandal in English. He lived as a Poet and the   Patriot. His real name is Subbaiah.who is he .

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