Fire burns are divided into three groups.

1. Fire burns which are caused only n the upper skin:

The upper skin is scorched, becomes reddish and irritation is caused. If the skin is mostly damaged, bacteria will enter into the body through that. And therefore antibiotic medicines may be required.

2. Burns which are caused up to the second level of the skin:

The liquid known as the plasma in the blood   leaks out. So, the blood pressure comes down. Kidneys and the heart may be affected. Therefore it is necessary for injecting glucose saline and blood plasma.

3. Affecting the tissues after affecting the skin:

This is highly dangerous. Bacteria grow in the damaged and decayed tissues, forming pus in the whole body causing life threat.  For curing this, treatment should be made with artificial skin or the skin of other persons.

In researches made in the South India, it was found out that 30% of the affected people have been cured and they are surviving.  There are ways to find out as to whether there are chances for curing them based on the information of the age of the affected person, and the body condition of their body health.

In India, 10 lac people are caught in to fire accidents, each year. Donations can be made, with a view to help the fire accident victims. Each year.




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