Soudhi Arabia country has given citizenship to Robo named as ‘Sofia ’created by Hansen Robotic Organization this is the first time in the world for giving citizenship to a Robo which has artificial intelligence. It was announced on 25th October 2017 that citizenship was granted to a Robo.

Sofia answered to the questions raised by a media person and kept the members wondering about in the event of Future Investment Initiative conducted in the Riyath city. Sofia informed that she wants to live accommodative with the human beings. Her height is 14”. She is capable of 50 kinds of facial expressions. Showing teeth for expressing anger and raising the eyebrows are the expressions revealed by her. But she is not able to reveal the expressions of happiness fully.

When it was informed to her about the Soudhi Arabian citizenship granted to her, she conveyed her gratitude and told “Thanks to the king of Soudhi Arabia.i feel honored by this award.  This recognition of granting citizenship to me, first in the world gains historical importance. “

Sofia Robo shines as an ornament in the achievements happened in the Dept. of Artificial Intelligence.

David Hansen has made this Sofia Robo.   He worked in the office of Waal Disney and he was already successful in making human robos.  He made one walking Robo in the name of ‘Albert hubo’ which is  in the facial comparison of ‘Albert Ainsteen’ .


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