Symptoms with decrease in appetite, fermented burp, heart burn, and release of gas often, stomach saline, stomach noise, nausea and the related problems in the food path  are called as ‘gastric trouble’ in the allopath.  According to the structure of human body, there is the possibility of existence of gas only in the Breathing bag and in the Food path and not throughout the body. The air breathed by us goes into the breathing bag through throat and the respiratory tube.

When we eat hurriedly, when we talk while eating when we drink coffee, tea and the soft drinks in which air is filled up, when we drink alcohol, when we chew gum, while smoking, when we consume betel and tobacco and when we drink water often, we swallow air without our knowledge.

During gastric trouble, air 80% goes out from the stomach as burp, and the rest 20% goes into the intestine through anus.   If this kind of swallowing of air is within the measure, there is no problem and if it exceeds the limit, it becomes gas trouble.

There is another reason for gas-formation.  During digestion of food in the intestine, the friendly bacteria which are naturally available there perform many kinds of chemical changes there. At that time, Hydrogen, Methane and Carbon-dy-oxide go out with sound through anus. There is no dirty odor in this gas.

 When some hormones decrease in the intestine, protein foods do not digest clearly.  Sometimes the domination of those bacteria increases in the intestine.  Due to both the conditions, gases like Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide and Mercopten are formed and go out of the anus and this gas gives dirty odor.


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