There are ancient cemeteries in Thabos, which was the old capital of Egypt. British Archeologists started researching about these cemeteries in the beginning of 20th century many efforts ended in failure.  Many rumors were spreading that you will meet death, if you think about the pyramids. Many people feared to go to that side.

At this stage, the Archeologist Havard Carter of England an European country started efforts with courage, karnavan of England rendered financial assistance. There was some hindrance in the work, due to the First World War. Carter continued without any flagging of mind.

In a cemetery closed by sand, there occurred a portion like a gateway. He made a hole and passed a long iron rod through it. It passed on without struggle. There was an ancient and civilized world.

The body of Egypt King Thuttan Kamun was kept. It was preserved with salt and oils carter has judged it to have been processed before 3350 years

There was also a box embedded with golden sheet. In which the body was kept. There were nine kinds of gem stones and garlands of diamond gems and there were more than 5000 things which were in usage in the ancient days. The flower garland dressed to the king and which was kept inside was in withered condition.   This was with great wonder.

With the help of the discoveries of Carter, sculptures, music collections, literatures, and cinemas came out in plenty. Only after his bold researches, facts about the pyramids of Egypt came out and shared about the superiority of the human development.


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