* Prepare Puttu ‘out of Shark Fish added with garlic and eat it. This is good for secretion of mother’s milk. Soups made out of greens are also good. Prepare starch out of the sprouted ragi duly ground and drink it. If sprouted fenugreek is also added with it , secretion of mother’s milk will increase.

  • Take two measures of Dhania and one measure of fenugreek, fry them, grind them separately and mix them. Boil two spoons of the mixed powder in 200 milli liter of water and take essence out of it in one glass. Drain it and drink 3 times ¾ hours before food. Avoid drinking any other things in between. Sugar complaint will go away from you in one month.
  • If you put the holy basil leaves and  carom seeds in the boiled water and put your face in the evaporated steam, your ‘sinus’ trouble will be cured.
  • Soon after getting from bed, drink water in the empty stomach. This cures deceases like blood pressure, diabetic, cancer and T.B.
  • Tender coconut milk increases the disease-fighting energy. It drives away tiredness and reduces blood pressure. It ensures the functioning of the small intestine and balances the acidity-levels. It is a good remedy for kidney-stone. It fights against decease-germs. It is good for curing intestine-sours. It cures infections in the urinary-canals. But those who have kidney-related deceases should not take tender-coconut –water, without getting doctor’ advice.

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