Heart attack becomes as a common disease even for the younger generation belonging to the age groups of 30 or 40.how to escape from this?

Researches prove that continuous exercises make you to keep away from the diseases like heart attacks.  The under mentioned things prevent heart attacks.

Dark chocolate:

Dark chocolates which contain minerals which do not have irritating sensation protect the flexibility of the blood vessels and reduce the fat level in the blood. Dark chocolates increase the measure of the serotonin in the blood and they are helpful to recover the body from small vibrations.


The negative chemicals available in the beer, reduces the quantity of bad cholesterol in the blood. Drinking a little quantity of beer increases the immunity of the body. However, you should have a control when you drink the beer.  You drink beer excessively; it will endanger your life.


Vitamin-B-Complex plays a major role in reducing the homocysteine which increases the compound products which are weakening the heart. Further, this vitamin enlarges the blood vessels and increases the blood circulation.


Those who sleep for less than 7 hours at nights are in more dangerous condition than others. Uninterrupted long sleep is compulsory for maintaining the blood pressure and the cola sterol level.


Fishes which store more fatty acids called as ‘Omega-3,  help  in the growth of the cells in the blood vessels and to maintain the regular cholesterol level in the blood.   Further fishes help in reducing the membranes in the blood vessels. Adding the salt water fishes such as Hollyford, Gat and Solomon in your food weekly twice is good for protecting your heart.

Breakfast containing more fiber:

Taking oats, which has more fiber as breakfast is good for increasing the body strength. Researches tell that those who take more grain-foods which contain rich fiber have a longer life than others.

Ali seeds:

Ali seeds play a major role in protecting the heart .These seeds which contain good quantity of fibers and fat required for the body can be consumed directly or in the form of oil.


Garlic which is pungent has the quality of reducing the cholesterol. This increases the speed of the hormone and purifies the blood.  Adding one or two cloves strengthens the heart.


Black tea or green tea protects the heart. The anti-oxidants not only cleans the liquid-controls and the blood vessels but also reduces the quantity of bloods, heart attack is controlled for those who drink tea.


Heart attack comes so easily to those who are in the habit of snoring while they are asleep.

Hazel nut:

Eating 425 gms of hazelnut daily helps to escape from heart attack. The oil content in it helps to perform the function heart and the blood vessels. You can eat them by frying or by boiling.

Dal varieties;

Adding dal varieties in your food will save you from the heart diseases. The fiber contents in them provide the required nutrients for the effective functioning of the heart, immediately.


Intercourses for twice in a week keep the heart function effectively. During intercourse, production of hormones, equilibrium of the body and the power of the vessels are increasing.  Those who have intercourse for twice in a week have no chance of having heart attacks.


The irritating sensation of ecosprin, function in such a way that blood pressure and the food related usages are destroyed.   Anyhow, ecosprin should be taken as per the advice of the doctor.

Cherry fruits:

These fruits have the capacity of protecting from the heart-related diseases.  Researches prove that the coloring agent for the fruits called as anthocyanin is necessary for reducing the uric acid., because, if the quantity of uric acid is more in the blood will cause heart attack. Eat cherry fruits as it is, or in the form of  dried fruits or as fruit juice and protect your heart.


Beans which have  more folic acid  in it is the vegetarian food which is capable of strengthening the water content in the blood. By this, you can protect the membranes of the heart. You can protect your heart by eating a cup of beans daily.


An orange fruit which has Vitamin-C has less fat. Further, this fruit removes the blocks of the blood vessels. This can be eaten as fruits or as fruit juices. So, eat an orange fruit daily and refresh your heart.

Air-filled beverages:

The air-filled beverages increase the sugar-level of the body and gives only calories. These drinks increase the body-weight. They are bringing heart diseases.   So, drinking more water and fruit juices is good for health.

Water: if you maintain the water level required for the body the liquidity of the water and the inner blocks will be set right then and there. Drinking 2.5 liters of water daily will release the acids in the blood and help for reducing the cholesterol level.


Chest-irritation is the main reason for heart attack. During such times, adding ginger, which has the quality of reducing irritation will prevent heart attack.

Bladder Control:

According to researches, those who control urine more are affected by the heart attack more, than by those who control less.  Giving more pressure to the kidneys increases the speed of the heart beats causing friction in the blood vessels of the heart and bring heart attack. So, passing urine at the needy time protects the heart and avoids the problems which may come in future.


Working always without rest, makes you feel tired and bring heart attack. So, researches tell that those who go for picnic in between their hard work are having fewer chances for getting heart attack.

Difference in the heart beats:

Heart beats depends upon the work done by us. Hot conditions and over-polluted conditions increase the heart beats.

Living in the artificially air-conditioned areas and in the areas where germs do not attack:

It reduces the hearts over work and over speed. Various vitamin-foods are not taken as balanced diet, as people suffer due to over work. So, if a balanced diet is maintained sets right the nutrient deficiency. Further consult the doctor and ascertain the vitamins to be taken daily. This increases the immunity power, strengthens the heat blood vessels and protects the body health.

Stress management:

In today’s life, stress mostly endangers the heart. During the time of stress incoming of hormones is more and for compensating with that speed, the blood vessels of the heart has to work more than its capacity, compulsorily. . By this, heart is weakened and there is a danger of heart attack. So, attending to your works, without any stress is the best way of protecting your heart.


Those who smoke, suffer due to heart attack more than those who do not smoke. S, you should give up smoking.

Blood tests for sugar:

Diabetic patients suffer due to heart attack, by excessive secretion of ‘insulin’.  So, they should check up the sugar level in the blood then and there.  Strict diet schedule and the medicines cure diabetic  and protects the heart form the heart diseases.


Lypemania directly opens the door for heart attack. In the body of those having lypemania, the production of ‘Oxytocin and ‘Serotonin’   decreases and blood circulation is prevented in due course of time.  You can cure this only by getting psychiatric counseling.

Continuous checkup for cholesterol level:

Compulsory testing of cholesterol is necessary for each year.  By knowing this, you can be healthy by maintaining your diet schedule.

By adhering to all the above precautions, one can maintain the effective functioning of the heart and escape from all heart related diseases.


















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