What is Heart Attack?

Oxygen is most essential for heart-beating. Blood with oxygen goes to the heart –tissues consistently, through both the blood vessels coming separately from the great artery.   Oxygen required for the heart-tissues   and the blood going inside should be consistent. If blood containing the required oxygen, does not go inside, heart- attack may come. Main reason for this is due to the blocs causing inside the blood vessels.

Particularly for some patients who are above 30 years of age, when they angrily shout at others or when they are at mental depression, heart- attack may come, because of the total shrinking of the heart- blood vessels for a few seconds.

In the beginning stage, its exposure is known as ‘Angina’. In the middle of the heart, it may be felt that there is some pressing effect for 2 or 3 minutes.  Particularly this symptom comes after taking food, at the time of walking speedily and at the time of emotional sensations.

That pain may spread to the left shoulder, or backside, to the neck or to the stomach. The grave situation is known as ‘Myocardial in fraction heart attack’.

Reasons for heart attack:

  • Those who desire for conquering in the competitions and those who are agitating with the surrounding people continuously will get heart attack.
  • Smokers have   5 times higher risk than others in getting heart attack.
  • There are 4 kinds of fats in the blood. Reasons for increasing the total fat, Triglycerides, L.D.L. H.T.L.  is fatty food , depression and  smoking.   Due to Liquor-  drinking, their liver  produce more bad cholesterol (L.D.L.)  and mix it in the blood , heart- blood vessel  is shut up, and becomes a reason for heart attack. But due to the good cholesterol i.e. H.T.L.  Increases, it prevents the heart- bloc and it dilutes the bloc.
  • When the blood pressure is more than 140/90 hg and increasing of Diabetes mellitus in the blood are reasons for heart attack.
  • Morbid obesity, particularly belly portion , life style of working in the office and dangerous habits are becoming reasons for increasing the heart disease  from 2 to 3 times. When they join together, they raise the danger of the disease to many times.
  •  First stage is preventing the heart attack in the beginning stage itself. This disease,   coming in the first time and the changes in the life style methods gives more benefits.
  •  We should practice the life style of living contended and happy life.  While working, we should take rest for a few hours for refreshing. We and those who are near to us should live a calm life.  Avoid smoking. Exercise is compulsory.
  •  Three things are necessary for safeguarding the heart. Thoughts should be consistent and food should be systematic  and you should have methodical exercises .


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