11 Strange Heart Disease Causes and Risk Factors

  • HEART DISEASES COME DUE TO DIABETIC: this is not true. Both are different. The medicines taken for diabetic keep sugar under control in blood. By this, one can avoid loss of vision, kidney problems, and impotency, neurological problems and heart diseases.  Problems arising in the blood vessels cause heart attack and rheumatoid arthritis .body weight increases, suffering high blood pressure and chance will arise causing heart disease for those who do not follow balanced diet system.
  • IMPORTANT SYMPTOM OF HEART ATTACK IS HAVING CHEST PAIN: this is not true in addition, vomiting, neck, pain in the hands and digestion problems, and also occur as symptoms. These symptoms do not occur for men and women in the same way. As many people do not know about the symptoms of heart attack, patients cannot be saved immediately. After knowing the symptoms, if emergent treatment is given, life of the person having heart attack can be saved.
  • HEART ATTACK AND HEART FAILURE –BOTH ARE SAME: this is not true. If heart attack comes and the impact increases, there is a chance for heart failure. As there is impact in the blood circulation going to the heart, heart attack comes. Direct reasons for the heart failure are the problems occurring in the heart valves. By this, heart cannot send blood to other organs.
  •  HEART DISEASE COMES SURELY TO THE SMOKERS: this is true. But even if the smoker gives up the habit of smoking, he cannot escape from the heart disease. Though the smoker continues the habit of smoking for long years and irrespective of the number of cigarettes he smoke, his body resumes to normal health from the moment he gives up the habit.  But the chance of getting heart disease is only 50% , for those who manage the side effects  caused due to the addiction of Nicotine .


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