• What is Hemophilia?

It is natural that the blood coagulates within 5 or 10 minutes, in the strained area of the body.

  • What are the reasons for the failure of ‘blood coagulation’?

The reason is that the absence of the factors of 8 and 9, which are required for the blood coagulation’.

  • What are the reasons for this deficiency?

Because of the genetic reasons, men are affected mostly, by this deficiency. According to the World Health Organization’s statistics, one person among 10,000 people is affected by this deficiency.

  • What are the impacts of this deficiency?

Leakage of blood will come in the teeth-gums. Blood leakage will come in the joints and the tissues and they will become inactive after having severe pain and swelling. If blood leaks out in the brain and stomach, it will endanger the life.

  • How to detect this deficiency?

After child- birth, when the umbilical cord is cut, blood leakage may be there , continuously. When the body strais slightly, when the tooth falls and also during operation in the body, blood leakage will occur without stoppage.

  • What is the treatment?

It should be found out whether the vulnerability is moderate or serious. The vulnerability caused due to the genetic reasons may be treated by giving injection. In the other cases, the white blood 11p plasma and the ‘medicine ‘carayo, which has been separated from the blood is used for the treatment. There is a medicine called as ‘tranexamic acid, for the blood leakage in the gums and the teeth.  It is compulsory for those who are having this problem, to keep the joints and the tissues strong by doing body exercises regularly.

  • What are to be avoided?

Avoid giving hot water dressing. It is dangerous to beat on the head of the affected children.

  • Can the deficiency be prevented?

This deficiency can be detected by the genetic tests in the fetal stage itself.

  • Can they get the help of the Govt.?

Medicines for this are available freely in the Govt. hospitals.

  • What are the activities of the Association of Hemophilia?

Awareness of this disease, body exercises, necessary treatments and guidance are given in the Voluntary Health Service Hospitals (vhs).


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