The symptoms of High Blood Pressure are mostly not visible outside.  Due to this, problems like heart attack, paralysis, kidney failure, and defect in the eye-sight may attack.

So, blood pressure tests should be done every now and then.  When a person has the habit of smoking, blood cloistral, obesity and diabetic or any other person in the family has the problem of high blood pressure, ,that person should take proper care in the problem of  high blood pressure.

They should take only 6 gm of salt per day. They should also avoid puppets, pickles, dry fish and snacks which contain more salt.

At the same time, you should bear in mind that you should not avoid salt abruptly. Some people who have high blood pressure completely avoid salt in their food.   The tablets taken by them also have the quality of reducing salt.

In our country, this is very hot sweating releases salt from the body. This endangers life.  Therefore, you should reduce salt but should not completely avoid salt from your food.


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