• What category of children has less immunity?

Children affected by Aids have less immunity and immunity will not at all be created. There will be infection and diseases will easily affect.

  • What are all the vaccinations to be given to the Aids children?

Apart from PSG and the polio drops, vaccinations for T.B. Pneumonia, Flu fever and small pox vaccinations and hepatitis-A and B virus and brain fever can be given.

  • What is the vaccination for cancer?

All kinds of vaccinations can be given. After treatment, denatured vaccinations can be given.

  • What is the vaccination for the   disease ‘hemophilia?

After taking the medicines for clotting of blood, vaccinations can be given only through the tissues. Vaccinations can be given only through exclusive injections.

  • What are the vaccinations for the under-weight and the premature babies?

Children below 2 kg can be given Hepatitis -B vaccination can be given after one month. All kinds of vaccinations can also be given.

  • Are vaccinations to be given to the babies of the pregnant women who are affected by the hepatitis-B virus , immediately after delivery?

If the baby’s weight is below 2 kg, , the hepatitis-B virus vaccination has to be given within 12 hours after belivery.

  • What are the vaccinations to be avoided by the pregnant women?

Small pox, chicken pox and Measles vaccinations should be avoided. During pregnancy, denatured vaccinations can be taken. Vaccinations of hepatitis-B virus and influenza should be given.

  • What kind of vaccinations are to be given to the children who are having prolonged diseases? All kinds of diseases will be infected to the children, who are affected by kidney problems, heart diseases, lungs problems, liver problems and veins problems. So, more doses of the vaccinations should be given.
  • What about the vaccinations to be given to the children for whom transformation of organs are carried out.

Before 15 days of transformation of organs, all kinds of microbial vaccinations should be given. Vaccinations should not be given after treatment.

  • Will vaccinations cause allergy?

Some may get allergy. If the side effects of itching, swelling, vomiting, breathlessness, giddiness and epilepsy affected during the first time of vaccination, you should not give vaccinations again.

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