China and India are important neighbors and the top two emerging markets in the world. China-India relations have moved beyond the bilateral scope and taken on global and strategic significance. Chinese Govt. and its leadership attach great importance to India as well as to China-India relations, and regard the relationship an important part of China’s foreign policy for good neighborly friendship. This also reflects that it is a set policy for the Chinese Govt to develop strategic and co-operative partnership with India.

In the present situation, both the countries should seize the opportunity to promote smooth transition of bilateral relations and inject new impetus into the China-India strategic and co-operative partnership.  Upon the formation of the new Indian Govt., China- India relations will be embarking on a new starting point.

First, High level exchanges should be maintained. Both the countries are exchanging invitations to others, for participating in the programmes of their countries.  Secondly, pragmatic co-operation in all fields should be expanded. Chinese level is ascertained to actively participate in India’s development in infrastructure, manufacturing and agricultural fields with focus on promoting co-operation on major projects such as railways and industrial parks. The Chinese- side will encourage Chinese companies with adequate capacity and   good reputation to expand their investment in India and also welcome Indian entrepreneurs to explore business opportunities in the Chinese market.  China is willing to import more products from India for a balanced trade relationship between India and China.

Both the Govts are able and wise enough to handle issues such as the boundary question in a proper manner, maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas, and create conducive conditions for the settlement of the boundary question of by pushing forward China-India relations, and try to achieve a phased progress and an early date. As the people of both the countries have dreams of rejuvenation of their countries. The dreams are interconnected and mutually compatible, representing the shared aspirations of the people of both the counties. There are reasons to believe that as long as China and India join hands to pursue common development, positive contributions to peace, stability and prosperity in Asia and the world at large will be ensured.  Thus, co-operation between the two countries like China and India is contribution to the world and it is the common historical mission to push forward China- India relations.


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