Cooking oil plays an important role in our cooking.  An individual should consume half liter oil only.   All kinds of oil should be used. Some people use sunflower oil for deep fry, jingly oil for frying fish curry and frying egg and preparing ‘rasam’ , oliv oil for ‘sambar’ and coconut oil for  ‘aviyal’.     As there Is food adulteration in the jingly oil, people confuse themselves as to which oil to be used,   cooking. There is a good way for this.


Dry 10 kilo good quality sesame for two days in the hot sun. if you grind it in the oil mill by adding a palm jiggery, you can  get 5 liters of oil.  This is good jingly oil and it is good, if you use this.   If you keep it in a vessel, putting a piece of palm jiggery inside it, it will remain unspoiled, for 6 months.

In the olden days, they grind the expeller made out of wood. Oil will be extracted from it. At present, oil is got from the machine in over heat.

Clean oil will not freeze. If the oil bought is of freezing nature, it means that palm oil is mixed more with it.  Now advertisement comes for refined oils.  These are all heated more and these are all not good for health.   Therefore clean oil is enough and it is not necessary to refined  it.


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