• Those who use drugs like LSD will have imaginary magic scenes. But psychologists say that chances are less for having reminiscences. There were beliefs from 195s that reminiscences will come, if drugs are used. There are no scientific proofs for this. Those who are using drugs are having the psychological deficiency of ‘Hallucination Positive Perception Disorder’. The ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ released by the Psychiatric Medical Association of America has explained about this.

• You should wear the 3D specs, only when the three dimensional programmes are telecasted in the 3D T.V. Only then, the programmes can be seen clearly and accurately. Otherwise, when the programmes are telecasted in two-dimensional method, you can see them normally without using the specs. Therefore, there is no necessity of sitting in front of the 3D T.V. wearing specs always

. • You can eat fruits daily at any time. By this there is no problem for health. You can eat it, when you feel hungry. But, when you eat immediately after eating the food, you may have digestion problems. You can eat fruits before taking food. ***************************

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