dogs tails

  • Are vegan foods are the best?  There is no proof to prove that though it is said that vegan foods increase the life time and decreases the attack of heart diseases.  When a research is made about the 5200 dead persons in England, it was found out that there is no much difference between those having vegan foods and those having other foods in their life time. In the vegan method, children are not getting adequate vitamin B-12, iron, when they eat more dhal, and grains. They can get fibers, as they have vegetables more. You can select the type of your food, according to your nature of work.
  • Is it correct that only parrots repeat what we said? – Parrot, crow and mainaa also repeat the particular sound. Parrot moves the muscles in the throat in a particular method.   The big and pressing throat helps for this. As parrot rises its voice is in a gentle sound, it resembles much to the elegant voice of human beings. Parrot doesn’t know the meaning of the spoken words. It copies the voice exactly and speaks.
  • Dog’s tail expresses its feelings: – dog’s tail is meant for communication. Dr. Stanly Soran informs that dog uses the tail for balancing the body.  Puppies are in the habit of eating and sleeping inth immediate few days. After 7 days, it starts to enter into communication like walking, running, playing and barking.  Only when it goes near the living beings, dog uses its tail for communication.
  • It’s better to eat domestic vegetables. : – the natural environment is not good in many countries of the world. Eating indoor vegetables are economically good. It is difficult task to cultivate all kinds of vegetables in your gardens. England imports mutton of the sheep from Newzeeland.   Hydroelectricity is manufactured according to the environment of the country and the farms are maintained. It cannot be made possible in England. England cannot compete with quality of the tomatoes grown in Spain country. It cannot always be said that the indoor vegetables are always good.  It should be watched as to  whether the Vegetables are processed less and vegetables are grown in other places and bought.


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