•  LEARNING CYCLE RIDING WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN: those who learn cycling by monkey-pedaling and after falling on many persons cannot forget cycling. Even after many years after learning cycling, riding of cycle is not forgotten.  The system of functioning of the body and the integrated muscle functioning should be set up correctly Mr. jurjen Kansac  , Researcher of Minnasotta University of America said  “ the cerebral integration  makes cycling a possible thing”.   Apart from cycling, swimming, dancing, playing and walking are unforgotten talents throughout your life.
  • TAKING REST WILL NOT INCREASE PRODUCTION CAPACITY: working always, will result in stagnation in the work and in our activities in due course of time.  So you may deviate from the work and do different kinds of works like going to beach, playing with the dog and swimming.  Or, you can do some other works of your taste. But you cannot take ‘watching movies ‘in this list, as it exhausts the brain power. Researchers of the Southern California University, tell that you can remain idle and it will reduce the tension and the depression and also they suggest that they need time to think about many things.
  • VEDEO CHATTINS DO NOT REVEAL EMOTIONS:  generally, in a conversation with others 80% is revealed through the emotions in the face like smile, raising the eyebrows, changes in the lips, eyes becoming big will happen.  In the research made in 2013, it came out that one revealed over emotions in the video chatting. Cyber Psychology Magazine   revealed news that showing emotions are more revealed in the video chatting better than SMS and in the conversation.
  • ALL PLASTICS ARE RECYCLED:  mostly, in the plastics used for one time. Mostly, only 8% of the plastics which are one-time used are recycled. The remaining rest in the land as waste. Chinese organizations were importing 7 lacs tons of plastic wastes from America for more than 20 years. In 2018, China has reduced   importing unwanted wastes.  The only way for this is that the Plastic companies should be compelled to manufacture plastics   for more than one time use.
  • IT IS NECESSARY TO SAVE ANCIENT LANGUAGES: there is a chance for repository for study having many ancient fields in every language. If the Govt. or people let a language to be destroyed, we will lose the ancient knowledge and the important words in it. Recently UNESCO 7 has announced that thousand languages are in danger to be destroyed.  That means 40% of the world languages of the tribes including ‘ kayartilt’ in Australia   were destroyed during the rule of  English people . this loss cannot be compensated.



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