• Learn from the flower of possessing the quality of unchanging smile, though they fall on the ground   sloughing from the tree.
  •  Learn from the trees which remain without worrying for the autumn season, renewing itself again and   blossoming for the spring season.
  • Learn from the seeds which have the diligence, though buried in the ground, remain without dying and grow heroically.
  • Learn from the birds the fortitude of  art of making nest out of thorns
  • Learn from the crows the ‘equality’ by way of sharing the flecks of boiled rice.
  • Learn from the bees the uniqueness of giving sweet honey, without any bitterness though the bee-hives are built up on the neem trees.
  •  Learn from the ants, the discipline of going in queues for having food, even though there is heavy snow.
  • Learn from the water the art of expediency of being river-falls on the mountain and changing as river on the ground.
  •  Learn from the   rain the greatness of raining to all,  Without seeing the difference of   ridge and    grooves  and  any inequality .


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