•  MARTIAL ARTS INDUCE VIOLENCE: this is not true. Martial art synchronies and makes body and mind to function together. Some may learn martial art to manage persiflage and teasing in the schools and colleges.  After learning martial art fully, one gets strength in body and mind. The coach who trains up also instructs to use the martial art as the last resort. The charge that martial art induces violence is a baseless one.

·         SOYA FOODS ARE NOT HEALTHY: this is not true. Eating soya foods helps men and women to develop health. The chemical substance such as is flavones and Phytoestrogens act as the estrogens which are the base for the health of women.   Along with meat, egg and milk products, you can eat soya goods also. There is no proof for telling that soya products are dangerous.

·         TESTOSTERONE HARMONES INDUCE VIOLENCE: this is not true. Only the hormones in the blood are not the reason for a person to indulge in the violent activities.   It is revealed from the research made in the ‘International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism’   that Injecting from outside and naturally secreting testosterone hormones in the body are not inducing violence and anger.  There are chances that the unhappy incidents in One’s young age become the reasons for his violent activities.

·         HORMONE’S CONTRIBUTION IS NECESSARY FOR BECOMING A SPORTSMAN: this is not true. For shining in sports, one requires

made with 52 Olympic  players, no proof is available for the contribution of hormones in the withstanding power and victory-chances  of the players. In the experiment, it is revealed that women sportsmen who have less quantity hormones carry more weight.


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