Greens rank the first and important place in giving nutrients to our body. The medicinal qualities are explained here.

  • Balloon vine ( முடக்கத்தான் கீரை): this is good for joint pains, as it is enriched with Calcium. This has bitter taste and so, it can be mixed with the Dhosa flour and Dhosas can be prepared for eating.joint pains can be cured.
  • Hogweed ( மூக்கிரட்டை கீரை): this green helps to maintain the normal level of salt in the body. This can extracted as a syrup and drunk by those who has kidney stones and kidney problems. This is rich in iron and so it cures the anemic disease. Women can eat this green by grinding it with the sesame soaked in water for the whole night. Menstrual troubles will be cured.
  • Phylanthus amarus ( கீழாநெல்லி):  this green is capable of removing theviruses in the blood. Those who are affected by jaundice and those who are having liver problems can take this green juice in 35 ml mixed with milk for three days. They can get good relief. Further women those who have over bleeding can take this green juice in 35 mil mixed with milk and the problem will be cured.
  • Pointed gourd (முசுமுசுக்கை கீரை):  this green cures chest phlegm, running nose. This juice can be mixed with pepper in the form of syrup. Speedy recovery for cold is possible.
  • Abutilon indicum ( துத்திக் கீரை): this reduces the body temperature and cures ulcer in the stomach. It dilutes the kidney stones if you eat this green as a paste mixed with tamarind, chili and salt; it cures the body heat and cures constipation.
  •  Solanum Trilobatum(  தூதுவளை):  this green cures  all kinds of lungs diseases like Asthma, cold and wheezing. If this green can be boiled in the water and a syrup can be extracted and drunk for three days the seriousness of the problem will be reduced. Cold will be cured. As this green gives more heat to the body, avoid taking it very often.
  •  Spinach ( வல்லாரை):  this induces the blood vessels in the brain. This very good for children. If they refuse to take as syrup, it can be mixed with the curry or a paste. This increases the memory power and makes the brain function effectivel






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