There are some medicines in our kitchen. If you add them in your food daily, you can lead a healthy life. Here are some tips about it.

  • If you suffer from dysentery, soak fenugreek and grind it. Add with the curd and take thrice a day. Dysentery will be cured.
  • If you have belching, very often, make the neem-flower into powder. Take 4 pinches of it and mix with ginger-juice and drink.
  • Soak the dry-grapes in warm water for half an hour, and drink it in the morning, heart diseases and the menstrual troubles will be cured.
  • Dry the greens of ‘ Centella  Asiatica’  ( வல்லாரைக் கீரை) in the shade , powder it and take a spoon daily. Your memory power will increase.
  • Soak fenugreek and grind. Apply the paste in the hair roots and take bath after 1 hour. Hair will grow and eye-irritation and the body-heat will be cured.
  • Take the starch derived out of the boiled rice, and add with it salt and butter. Drink it, if you suffer from Diarrhea. You can get immediate relief.
  • If you chew the seeds of mint, tooth-irritation will go.
  • Pregnant women can drink carrot juice with honey. Vomiting can be cured.
  • If you prepare ‘Rasam’ out of lemon juice, body-heat will go.
  • If you drink the juice of betel- leaves with the ginger-juice, lungs-diseases will be cured.
  • If there is swelling and pain due to the bites of insects, cut the onion and rub it on that place. Poison will not spread. Grind the mustard and apply it on the part of pain, the pain will be cured.
  •  When you boil water for drinking, add with it a handful of ‘dry-ginger’ in semi-powdered condition. After boiling and cooling the water, drain it and drink. Dry-ginger has medicinal qualities and it induces digestion, removes gastric trouble and constipation. Water will also be tasty to drink.
  • Eat the coconut-cobra added with the poppy seeds; mouth-sours will be cured.
  • Grind coriander -leaves in the Mixi and drink it in the morning, daily. Head-ache will go.
  • Apply curd on the body and take bath. The heat-rashes will disappear.
  • Take grated white pumpkin added with salt and make it as a salad adding ginger, green chili, coriander leaves and curry leaves and sprinkled mustard mixed in the curd. If you eat it, you can get rid of blood pressure, cloistral and giddiness.
  • In one cup of starch water of the boiled rice, add turmeric powder and drink it. Stomach-bulging and indigestion will go.
  • Cool the starch water and add with it one spoon of ghee and a little cumin seeds. If you drink it, waist-pain will go.
  • Add onion with rice make it as starch and drink. Mothers can get adequate mother’s-milk.




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