AQUARIUS – Kumba rasi

Kumba Rasi monthly predictions – KUMBAM (AQUARIUS) :

Kumba Rasi monthly predictions is. here for you. Monthly rasi predictions is based on planetary positions with respect to your rashi this month



Avittam (3&4); Sathayam; Purattathi (1, 2&3

KUMPAM (AQUARIUS):KUMBAM (AQUARIUS):You should not take any new
efforts. You should be very much careful in all the matters especially
in talking with others. You should not rent out your house to unknown
persons. Even your close friends need not be allowed to take your
vehicle. Some may attempt to cheat you   by acting as good people.
Your children will be adamant and will not obey your words. Your
health may spoil because of want of rest. Avoid arguments with your
Businessmen cannot get the support of the laborers. Some
faithful workers may come to your rescue to set right the setbacks.
They have to invest more to get average profit. Employees will commit
errors in the course of their duties, because of confusion in their
Housewife should remember the affection of their husband in
the past to lead a peaceful life. They should ignore the problems in
the present and keep in mind their responsibilities and act
accordingly. Working women may delay their assignments in the work
place. Self-employed women should invest more and put hard work for
retaining their business in the market.
Politicians should avoid fights with
others. Agriculturists will have average profit. Students will be
average in their studies.Tags : Kumba rasi matha rasi palan, kumbam matha rasi palan, kumba rasi matha palan, kumbam monthly preditions, kumba rasi month forecast, monthly forecast for kumba rasi

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