Capricorn – Makara Rasi

Makara Rasi monthly predictions – MAKARAM (capricon) :

Makara Rasi monthly predictions is here for you. Monthly predictions for Makaram Rasi  is based on the planetary positions this month.




Uthiratam (2, 3&4); Thiruvonam; Avittam (1&2)

This month you will have to travel long
distance to far off places. You will complete the unfinished tasks
now. You have to be careful in your talks. You will set aside the
social works as you have to pay attention to your personal works. You
have t o incur maintenance expenditure on your house and vehicle. You
should be careful while dealing with fire and sharpened weapons. Your
children will give pressure for buying costly goods. Your enemies will
run away. Your health will be normal. Married couple will have
misunderstanding due to ego problem.
It is good for the businessmen to stop the
promotional activities related to the business.  Profit will be in a
minimum level. Employees will not be in position to achieve the
Housewives will find it very difficult to
meet the expenditures for the family. Working women will be able to
complete the current duties. Self –employed women will struggle to
manage the business affairs.
Politicians should not overplay. Agriculturists will find it
difficult to procure raw materials. They should postpone their plan of
buying cattle. Students should work hard to shine in their studies and
adopt safety methods in their sports activities.

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