Simma Rasi Month Preditions – SIMMAM (LEO) :

Simma Rasi monthly predictions is here for you. Month predictions takes into account your position of your Rasi with respect to planetary positions for the month .

simha-rashi simmam simma rasi


STARS: Makham; Pooram; Uthira

This month you cannot expect favorable effects. Those
who remained as your friends once will now ridicule you. You may lose
your moral courage. You can expect success only if you double your
efforts. you can get income from a different source.  Your children
will change their adamant nature and come forward to assist you. You
will also fulfill the wishes of your children. You should rent your
property to the trustworthy persons.  You should take much care on
your health. Married couple will love each other.  Loan given to your
friend will help you in time of need.

Businessmen will introduce the required changes in their
business.  They will promote business by increasing the production.
They will adopt innovative methods and increase the number of
customers employees will get the support of their colleagues and
complete the targets.
Housewives will get adequate money for running the family.
. Working women will feel free in the work places. They will be
respected by their colleagues.  Self-employed women will get average
production, sales and profit.

Politicians will hopefully act with the support of their
followers. Agriculturists will increase the produce and profit from
the cattle.  Students will achieve their goals

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