Thanusu Rasi Monthly Predictions – DHANUSU (SAGGITTARIUS) :

Thanusu Rasi monthly predictions is here for you. Your rasi monthly predictions is based on the planetary positions this month.


Moolam; Pooratam ;Uthratam(1)




               You will talk with others only with a
purpose. You will do some changes in your business.  You should be
careful in driving. Your children will respect you and go by your
advice and shine in their studies. You will get income from your
ancestral property. You will invest that money in jewelry or in lands.
Your enemies will be weakened. So, your new attempts will win. Your
health will improve. Though some misunderstandings prevail between the
couple, they will manage for the welfare of the family.
Businessmen will solve the problems and hurdles created by the
laborers. And thereby increase the production. They have to give
Reduction-Sales, to manage the reduction in the number of customers.
They can get profit up to a level.  Employees will set right the
confusion prevailing among them and the work will thereby go on
smoothly. They will get the normal benefits.
Women have to run the family because of shortage of
money. Self-employed women will buy new technical equipments and
promote production. And profit.
Politicians will get higher posts enexpectadly, by luck.
Agriculturists will get average income and they will buy lands.
Students will have to burn the midnight oil to get success in their

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