What is Omega-3?

ALA, DHA, EPA re the fats, which are available from plants and sea living beings. DHA, EPA fats are necessary for the body. ALA Fat is easily available.

There are two kinds of fats. (i) Good cholesterol and (ii) bad cholesterol. Thus, Omega-3 fatty acid helps to keep the heart healthy. It dilutes the bad cholesterol available in the arteries and protects the blood canals going to the heart.

For testing the Omega, take Omega index test. The necessity of Omega-3 differs according to your life style, food habits and your body activities. The necessity will be more for the athletics. If they take average food, it becomes fuel and does not go to the muscle membranes, because of the excessive activities.

Omega-3 fatty acid nutrient is available in all the fishes, especially in the fish varieties f Solomon and Soorai.  It is available in the vegetarian foods like Aali seeds, Volnut, Avakoda fruyits,   Ash gourd and Olive oil.

If the DHA is found to be deficient in the Omega -3, you will suffer from the under mentioned diseases.:

  • Brain-growth will be stopped. Knowledge and talent will decrease.
  •  Autism disease will attack.
  • Vision-deficiency will occur.

If Omega-3 is added in the food,

  • Healthy heart is ensured.
  • Aging is delayed./
  • Formation of fat in the inner walls of the arteries is prevented.
  • Freezing of blood in the blood vessals is avoided.
  • The growth of new blood vessels is promoted.
  • Normal connectivity among the cells is ensured.
  •  Body will attract the sun light.
  • Vision- power and the memory power will increase.
  •  Abortions can be avoided for women.
  •  Healthy and intelligent baby growth is assured.




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