Protein is required for the body, for the healthy life of a person. We should first understand that protein is necessary particularly for the brain –capacity, thinking power and the resourceful intellect. We can see that the vegetarian children possess these qualities profusely. The dhal varieties they eat are the reason for this.  No days would be left for them without eating dhal and milk.


There are 22 Amino acids in the protein.  In these, 8 Amino acids are compulsorily required for maintaining the health of the body.  Amino acids are playing important role in taking of respoiratory air to the important parts of the body.

Protein can be got only from the food we eat.  In the body weight of a person, 0.8 gm protein is compulsory in 1 kg of weight on an average. Protein required for each person can be calculated, by this measure. For example, if a person weighs 50 kg , 40gm protein is necessary for him daily for him. The        correct quantity should be taken, as for as protein is concerned. Body will be affected, if more protein or less protein is taken.

When you take less protein, you will become weak and tired. When you take more protein, your body will take, necessary quantity of protein, and release the extra protein. At that time the amino acids will stay in the body. This causes heart diseases, paralysis and bone diseases.

When excessive protein accumulates, , it affects calcium also. Therefore bones become weak.  There are chances for bone fracture often. Particularly, protein is necessary for women, growing children, small boys and girls.  Moreover, pregnant women, need protein compulsorily, because,  it helps the  fetus in the stomach to grow.

Among Non-vegetarian food, contains protein in the egg.  100 gm egg possesses 13 gm protein. That is why, players, athletics drink raw egg, during practice. Those who do hard exercises and the manual laborers can eat one egg daily.  More protein is available in the country chicken. 300 gm can be eaten per week. Those who lose protein in their body and thereby become weak can feel new strength in a few hours after eating the country chicken.

Vegetarians can derive protein required for them; by eating varieties of dhal tour dhal, green gram contains protein. Sprouted grams can be eaten. Protein exists in the curd and the butter. You should eat them without exceeding the limit.

Vegetarians, who have less protein, can eat Soya. They can add soya in normal intervals. 100 gm soya contains 28.6 gm. protein.   As Peas, beans, nuts, grains, grams contain protein. It is a blessing for vegetarians.

Protein of 27% in the grams, 13 % in the nuts 12% in the grains exists. Protein is available in Olive oil. You can get good cholesterol from olive oil.


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