வாய்ப் புற்று நோய்


  •  Leukoplakia and white patches in your mouth.
  • Red patches in your mouth, swelling in your throat, and abnormal bleeding in your mouth, numbness, a feeling that something has been stuck in the throat and pain when you chew.
  • Abnormal bleeding in the mouth, irregular fitting of loose teeth and artificial teeth and a change in your voice and speech.


  •    If treatment is given in the early stages, there is a good chance to be cured.
  •  Operation-Radiotherapy:

Radiotherapy is one which focuses on the cancer tissues  and which is used for the high energy circles.  This treatment increases the cancer cells and stops the anti cancer cells.

Radiotherapy is useful for two kinds of oral cancer.  External and internal radiotherapy and radiotherapy from a computer will be used in many ways in the place in which cancer is targeting.

Internal radiotherapy (short):

This treatment will work for a shot time and control with small radioactive wires. They will then be removed.

Chemotherapy is one which is for killing the cancer cells or increasing them by using anti cancer drugs. Chemotherapy is used by      joining the radiotherapy and operation.




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