Scientists find out that the different kind of configuration in the brain of the parrots make them to load the speeches of human beings and to speak like that.

The articulating skill of parrots:

Parrots have the different quality which is not present in the other birds. Parrots are capable of raising voice like human beings. If they are trained, they pronounce even some words like human beings, without any mistake. Crows and the nightingales are called as ‘singing birds’ but, they cannot pronounce the words.

Researches about the articulating skill of parrots are successful:

The researchers of the Dyuk University of America made researches about the articulating skill of the parrots.  The researchers studied as to how the parrots load the human voice, how they follow the loaded voice and the words and how they raise voice like that. At the end of the research, they found out that the brain and the anatomy of the body of parrot differ from the structure of the brain and the anatomy of other singing birds.

The power of loading the voice:

Learning the voice means loading the voice. The defined center of brain of the parrot forms a leading role in the action of loading the voice.

This research theory has been published in the magazine known as ‘ PLUS ONE’.



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