pineapple beda


Boiled milk-2 tumblers;  pineapple fruit -1;milk powder- ½ tumbler; condensed milk and sugar- each ¼ tumbler; badham (almonds), saffron- 1 tsp; pistha-each 10; ghee-3 tsp; cardamom powder- 2 tsp.


Mix the milk powder and sugar in a broad vessel nicely. Mix milk, condensed milk in a mixi and blend nicely. Peel off the pineapple fruit, cut into pieces and grind nicely.

Pour ghee in a pan, put the pineapple paste in it and stir it in a simmer flame. Add the mixture of milk and when the mixture comes to a thick form, add cardamom powder.   Apply ghee on a plate and transfer the mixture in it. After it is cooled, make round shaped Bedas   and spread almonds, pistha and saffron.



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