There are three kinds of tastes in pomegranate.  If you eat the sweet pomegranate, much energy is derived to heart and the brain.  It eliminates bile and stops.

If you eat sour pomegranate, it stops dysentery. It cures hemorrhage. It releases urine it cures bile diseases.  It cures intestinal diseases and ulcerative.

If you eat the seeds of pomegranate, it develops blood.  It is a good remedy for dysentery.

Those who are affected by disease and become weak, can eat pomegranate can recoup their health. They will gain body weight.  Pomegranate gives strength to chest, lungs, and intestine.

Those who are weak in masculinity will get more strength, if they eat this.

Pomegranate stops hiccups and relieves thirsty.

If you eat, pomegranate- juice with candy, it avoids diseases related to body heat.  Body will become cold.   If you eat pomegranate juice with honey, you will become healthy within a month.  It is a good medicine for dysentery.

If you dry the pomegranate flowers, powder them and eat a pinch for morning, midday and evening it stops cough.    Mix pomegranate juice and scotch grass juice in equal measure and drink 50 ml for each session for 3 days, blood discharge for a lady will stop.

Take 15 g of pomegranate and 25 g of sugar m grind nicely and take 1 tsp for morning and evening, the white discharge of ladies will stop.

If you wear the pomegranate on your hair, headache and body heat will be cured.



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