Speaking is an art. We will see how to speak:

  • Avoid speaking unnecessarily and degrade yourself. Speak only if there is necessity.
  • Speak kindly, without wounding others’ heart.
  • Speak only the words which gives you benefit.
  • Speak with a smiling face and with dignity.
  • Select soft words and speak.
  • Speak without deviating from the path of justice.
  • Don’t stain your tongue by your evil speech.
  •  Don’t speak about the deficiencies of others.
  • Don’t give false promises. Give assurance of what can be done.
  • Your speech should not be in such a way of mocking at others.
  •  Avoid speaking ill of others, particularly, when they are not present in that place.
  • When you are in conversation, speak so that only whom you are speaking with should here. Avoid speaking loudly so that many people here the conversation.
  • When you are speaking, avoid rolling of your eyes, blinking often, moving of hands and the head excessively.
  • Avoid  speaking unnecessary matters.
  • When you speak, pronounce the words fully, till the end of the last letter of the last word.
  •  Try to understand fully about what others are telling and reply after that.
  • Stop flattering, because it is not the way of showing your love.




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